Our Open Source Contribution

At Sonatype, we’re serious about our contribution to the open source community and we have a long track record of putting our money where our mouths are. We are deeply involved in open source on a daily basis and make significant contributions to both the Eclipse Foundation and the Apache Software Foundation. The following page is just a sample of our open source contributions.

Nexus Repository Manager

Nexus Repository Manager

Nexus sets the standard for repository management providing development teams with the ability to proxy remote repositories and share software artifacts.

Download Nexus and gain control over open source consumption and internal collaboration.

Download Nexus More on Nexus

Apache Maven

Sonatype leads by example. Our contributions to Maven benefit millions of developers.

Learn more about Maven.

Builds with Apache Maven

The Central Repository

Sonatype supports developers as the steward of the largest repository of OSS components.

Learn More about Central.

Download Open Source from the Central Repository

Eclipse m2eclipse

Sonatype's efforts bring Apache Maven and Eclipse together with m2eclipse.

More on M2Eclipse.

Build Maven Projects in Eclispe with m2eclipse

Eclipse Hudson

Sonatype improved Hudson by donating integration for Maven 3 and Eclipse.

More on Hudson OSS.

Hudson CI: Solid Enterprise Builds

Eclipse Tycho

Sonatype developed Tycho let's you build Eclipse and OSGi projects with Maven.

More on Tycho.

Tycho builds Eclipse and OSGi with Maven

Eclipse Aether

Everybody used to "reinvent the wheel" so Sonatype created this repository API.

More on Aether.

Aether connects software to Repositories