Source Code

The source files of the project are stored in Git repositories. Please see the summary tab of a repository for details about the URL required to clone a repository to your local machine.

In addition to the Git repositories hosted by the Eclipse Foundation, there are also mirror repositories at GitHub. Please note that due to legal requirements, we will not accept pull requests from these repositories. Instead, contributors are asked to create a patch file and attach it to an entry in our issue tracker.

When editing sources files, please respect our existing code style. Corresponding formatter settings for some IDEs can be imported from the following resources:

Building the sources requires Apache Maven 2.2.1 or newer and a Java Developer Kit for Java 5 or higher.

Issue Tracker

The project uses Bugzilla to manage bugs and feature requests.

Committers should configure their Bugzilla email preferences to watch the user aether.core-inbox(AT) in order to get notifications for new issues.

Mailing Lists

This project uses the following mailing lists:

Note that -dev and -pmc lists are intended for project-related communications among project developers.

Aether on GitHub