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Author, Manfred Moser

Using the Oracle Maven Repository with Nexus

One of the New Year presents to all Oracle Fusion Middleware user was the creation of a Maven repository by Oracle. A big problem for many application developers using the WebLogic server was dealing with the dependencies. Typically the dependencies supplied by WebLogic would be taken out of the installation and brought onto the classpath

Guest Authors

Author, Jordi Cuenca

Free Continuous Integration Platform at a Glance

by  Jordi Cuenca-Aubets A note from  Abraham Marín Pérez: My friend and great technologist Jordi Cuenca-Aubets has been thinking for a while about building an end-to-end continuous integration platform for web applications where the entire technology stack is based upon open source software; judging by his latest development I think he has nailed it. In this

Engineering Team: Thoughts

Author, Mike Hansen

Inside the Sonatype Engineering Machine – The Process and the Tooling [VIDEO]

Mike Hansen, the head of products for Sonatype, rounded up the engineering team for a series of recorded broadcasts that talk about the distributed work environment  at Sonatype. The discussion centers around how the team works together in a virtual environment, the tools that are used to communicate and how working relationships are formed during the process. TheNEXUS


Author, Derek Weeks

Nexus, Continuous Delivery and Reference Architectures

Real world experiences can help when trying to visualize and determine what a reference architecture will look like for your continuous delivery or DevOps tool chain. Derek Weeks took some time out last week to find a series of slide decks and blogs from our user community that place Nexus as an integral part of

The Q&A Corner

Author, Manfred Moser

Q&A: How do I push RubyGems into a hosted repo?

Question from a Nexus User: Within my company, we would like to promote gems that we utilize for product deliveries into hosted repositories (rather than relying on the internet source repo to maintain them or the Nexus proxy cache). Is there a simple method recommended for doing this? Basically if I retrieve a gem (and


Author, Jeff Wayman

Book Review: The Phoenix Project Recognizes IT as Heroes

Cribbing from its secondary title, The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr and George Spafford, is “A novel about IT, DevOps, and helping your business win”. I’ll let you know now, it’s about a whole lot more than that. Before we begin I must confess. I have a general distaste for business, IT, and

Nexus and NuGet

Author, Damir Arh

NuGet Is Down. Now What?

  Using NuGet package manager brings many advantages to your development process, but also one very unfortunate side effect: additional dependency on an external service – official NuGet package source. Its uptime isn’t bad at all, but looking at the NuGet Twitter feed, we can find several notification about service interruptions in recent months.  


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