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Nexus 2.11.1 – It is Time to Upgrade

The release of Nexus 2.11.1 includes a fix for the security vulnerability CVE-2014-9389. You can read all the details about the issue in our related support page.  Whenever a new Nexus release becomes available there are a myriad of reasons to upgrade. The team always seems to manage to bring in some really useful new features

Nexus Pro/CLM

Author, Manfred Moser

Free On-Demand Training: Nexus Professional and Smart Proxy

Our promise to the community was that when we reached 1000 members we’d publish another series of free training videos. As of today, we have reached 1061 members with the count growing daily. We are publishing the beginning of a new series on Nexus Pro and Smart Proxy as a thank you to the community

Guest Authors

Engineering Team: Thoughts

Author, Mike Hansen

An Open Source License to Speed

There is no actual speed limit in software development, at least not a theoretical one.  In fact, we are forever pushing the envelope with new thinking and techniques with progressive teams typically driving right at the edge between control and chaos, frequently flirting with the latter.  Agile methods, lean thinking, open source and most recently


Curtis Yanko

The DevOps Game Changer: Communication

I recently had a long conversation with Curtis Yanko to talk with him about how he has incrementally moved DevOps into a large enterprise environment. Curtis had just returned from a very successful week at the DevOps Enterprise Summit and was excited to talk about what he had seen and heard. The conversation started around

The Q&A Corner

Author Rich Seddon

Q&A: Best Practices for Disk Upgrade on Nexus Server

A Client Asked: We are upgrading the disk on our Nexus server (a W2K8 server) using the process below: Mount new drive to server  Use Robocopy to copy the existing data (including Nexus install and sonatype-work directory) from current drive to the new drive and periodically update it  During a maintenance window we will stop


CEO, Wayne Jackson

Code, Cars, and Congress: A Time for Cyber Supply Chain Management

CEO Wayne Jackson has created an overview article related to H.R. 5793, the “Cyber Supply Chain Management and Transparency Act of 2014.” In light of this new legislation, I thought it would be worthwhile to revisit a set of discussions I started earlier this year focused on changes in software development, the prolific use of open

Nexus and NuGet

Author, Damir Arh

NuGet Is Down. Now What?

  Using NuGet package manager brings many advantages to your development process, but also one very unfortunate side effect: additional dependency on an external service – official NuGet package source. Its uptime isn’t bad at all, but looking at the NuGet Twitter feed, we can find several notification about service interruptions in recent months.  


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