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Continuing our commitment to the open source community we are taking Nexus OSS to another level. After adding NuGet support in Nexus 2.9 giving you all a long time Nexus Professional feature and improving it on the way, our engineering team has been at it again. I remember when we created the issue tracker ticket to get support for npm into Nexus over a year ago. Node.js development and usage of npm registries was on the horizon and making its way into companies more and more. Tools like Grunt have only gotten more traction since then.

If you went to JavaOne 2014 and attended my presentation about taking advantage of Nexus OSS, you already know – the Nexus 2.10 release adds npm support. This was definitely noted by the audience. A number of people came by the Sonatype booth in the exhibition hall to chat about npm registry support and related topics. I also attended a number of presentations that mentioned Grunt and other tools and complained about performance and stability issue.

As usual for Nexus repository format support is not limited to a mere proxy functionality. You can configure as many external npm registries to connect to as you want. You can also create hosted registries that are internal to your organization and act as deployment target for any packages you create and reuse in other projects. And to make things easy for all the consumers, you can wrap all these registries and expose them all as a single registry (a.k.a, a Nexus registry group).

Together this allows you to greatly improve the stability of your npm based builds, since your Nexus registry will always be online (meaning, you will not fall victim to any outages of public npm registries). You will also be able to work towards creating npm packages that are reused across your organization and beyond.

All of this support has just been released this week and we already got some enthusiastic early adopters. Marcelo de Sales simply said, “Thanks for adding this NPM registry support… This is the first SOLID support to NPM registries I’ve seen so far… Coming from the Java world, the other solutions are not even close to this…!” and went so far as to create a Docker image of Nexus with npm support. Installation of Nexus and getting npm rolling is documented in the Nexus book as usual. If you are doing any Node.js development or use npm via Grunt or other tools, you should really have a look at Nexus. And of course, if you are a multi-platform user like so many other organizations out there and are using Java and .Net as well, you don’t have to fret it either. Nexus OSS, Nexus Pro, and Nexus Pro CLM supports them all.



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Manfred Moser

Manfred Moser is trainer, author and community advocate at Sonatype working on efforts around the Nexus Repository Manager, the Nexus IQ Server and the Central Repository. He is a regular speaker at conference such as JavaOne, AnDevCon, OSCON and others.. Fluent in both German and English, he also speaks and writes Java and a bunch of other programming languages and uses these skills as committer and project lead on a number of open source projects such as the Android Maven Plugin. The open source community and open source software has been a passion of his for well over a decade and he is sure it will be for a few more decades. Manfred can be found on most social channels, including Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.
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