Q&A: One Nexus Pro License, Unlimited Nexus Servers

Author Rich Seddon

Author Rich Seddon

A Client Asked:

I am the manger at a large software manufacturing company, and I would like some licensing related information on Nexus PRO.  Specifically what is required to run a Nexus PRO instance for testing, developing plugins, and extending Nexus Pro in dev (non-production) environments?  Does Sonatype offer a “developer license” for paying PRO customers or would we need to purchase a full blown license for each Nexus PRO development only environment?

Sonatype Support Answered:

We occasionally get inquiries about how many Nexus instances can be set up with a given license.  There’s a simple answer to that… as many as you need.  Just use the same license key for each install. It is one of our main differentiators with other repository managers.

This also means that all developers can run a local Nexus on their desktop to easily work offline. It is key to a roll out of things like Smart Proxy or a DevOps setup where you start and stop new Nexus servers all the time. Much easier to manage that way.. 

For a fuller description of our licensing, you can read Sonatype Nexus licensed users compliance FAQ. on the Sonatype Support site.

Rich Seddon, Manager QE/Support at Sonatype


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Rich Seddon

Rich Seddon is Manager QE/Support at Sonatype. You can find him at all hours of the day and night answering questions on the support forums for Nexus and CLM.

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