Sonatype Codestyle Repository: Open to the Public

Author, Tamás Cservenák

Author, Tamas Cservenak

The Sonatype Codestyle Repository on GitHub is a repository that contains the configuration files for code “-format” and “-style” settings to have them aligned to specific style guidelines.  We currently use Eclipse and IDEA as the IDEs. Basically, all contributions (patches, pull requests) should use these guidelines.

The formatting style is for Java, XML and JavaScript sources. This is important to emphasize, as in some IDE’s (Eclipse), multiple files need to be imported at multiple places in the IDE preferences. Reference examples to help refine the style properly in supported environments are provided as part of the style guide.

Sonatype Codestyle Repository has similarities to “The Elements of Java Style” book for Google and Eclipse styles, with some minor changes for clarity and readability.

Sonatype Code Style


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Tamas Cservenak

Tamás Cservenák is the lead developer of Nexus at Sonatype, with over 15 years of experience developing software systems in Public Services, Telco and Publishing industries. He is OSS enthusiast, committer on multiple OSS projects, like Codehaus Enunciate and Apache Maven. Tamás gained visibility in Maven Community in 2005. with Proximity, which was the most advanced Maven Proxy at the time. He is one of the first hungarian adopter of "ice breaking" OSS technologies in commercial projects, like Spring and Maven are.

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