Q&A: Best Practices for Disk Upgrade on Nexus Server

Author Rich Seddon

A Client Asked:

We are upgrading the disk on our Nexus server (a W2K8 server) using the process below:

  1. Mount new drive to server 
  2. Use Robocopy to copy the existing data (including Nexus install and sonatype-work directory) from current drive to the new drive and periodically update it 
  3. During a maintenance window we will stop the Nexus application 
  4. Run one final Robocopy ensuring full data sync 
  5. Change the drive letter from the old drive to the new one 
  6. Start up Nexus and verify

Are there are any potential issues that we should consider in this process? A newly added disk will be in the GPT (GUID Partition Table) format – would this be an issue?

Sonatype Support Answered:

What you’ve described here is exactly our recommended procedure for moving the work directory to a new disk. As long as robocopy is set up to delete files which are no longer present on the original disk during the final copy you should have no problems. There won’t be an issue with using GPT.

Rich Seddon, Manager QE/Support at Sonatype


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Rich Seddon

Rich Seddon is Manager QE/Support at Sonatype. You can find him at all hours of the day and night answering questions on the support forums for Nexus and CLM.