“Show and Tell” with Repository Managers [SURVEY]

Author, Daniel Sauble

Author, Daniel Sauble


Do you use a repository manager to get a handle on your software components? We want to hear from you, whether or not you use Nexus.

Fill out this two-minute survey, describing how repository management fits into your day to day work. On December 5th, we’ll choose six people from the entries. If yours is chosen, we’ll schedule a one hour screen sharing session, where you’ll get to walk us through your most common repository management tasks.

At Sonatype, our goal is to deliver software which helps you manage components easily, quickly, and with a minimum of fuss. We’ll use this hour with you to spot areas where Nexus can be improved. By participating, you’ll provide us with valuable real-world feedback. In exchange, we’ll send you a unicorn t-shirt as thanks for your time.

If your entry isn’t chosen, don’t worry. We want to build a habit of getting regular feedback. Our engineering sprints are two weeks each, and our eventual goal is to get real user feedback for every one of those sprints. For now, we plan to conduct research studies once every couple of months.

When you submit the survey, you’ll automatically be entered for future opportunities. We’ll send at most one email per month, telling you what we’ve learned and how your feedback has impacted the product. You can opt-out at any time.

Interested? Fill out the survey and let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Daniel Sauble
“Fuss Minimizer” and UX Developer for Nexus



Unicorn T-Shirt


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Daniel Sauble

Daniel Sauble is a product owner and UX designer at Sonatype. His team is focused on providing a great experience for travelers as they bounce between the different products in the Nexus ecosystem. He reads nexus-feedback@sonatype.com at breakfast each morning.

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