Inside the Sonatype Engineering Machine – The Process and the Tooling [VIDEO]

Author, Mike Hansen

Inside the Sonatype Engineering Team

Mike Hansen, the head of products for Sonatype, rounded up the engineering team for a series of recorded broadcasts that talk about the distributed work environment  at Sonatype. The discussion centers around how the team works together in a virtual environment, the tools that are used to communicate and how working relationships are formed during the process.

TheNEXUS community members have access to the videos as they become available. The March 25, 2015 recording is now published, with another one planned for April 2nd. You still have time to register and attend that live online broadcast.

If you aren’t a member but would like to see the entire set of video galleries, join us and you’ll have immediate access.

Other video galleries include:

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Mike Hansen

Head of Products at Sonatype
Relentlessly working to surround myself with technical people better than me, making sure they have what they need to excel and when appropriate, quickly getting the *#$& out of the way. And, when not busy doing that, playing the piano or looking for the next Colorado 14er to climb (30 bagged to date).

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