DevOps Leadership Series: Monitoring Containers and Microservices

Trevor Parsons at Velocity

Trevor Parsons (@trevparsons) is a Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at Logentries, a leading SaaS-delivered log management and analytics service. I caught up with Trevor at the Velocity Conference in Santa Clara and asked him what themes were resonating with attendees this year.

For this episode of the DevOps Leadership Series, Trevor briefly illustrates some current problems with state of microservices and container-based architectures, while sharing a positive outlook for the future.

Trevor says there’s been a lot of development in how to log and monitor containerized systems and he sees better support from Docker for logging, showing an increasing focus on this topic in 2015 and beyond. He anticipates the next year to have huge improvements in managing and monitoring these new systems and architectures.

Next up in the DevOps Leadership Series, I headed to London for the DevOps Connect: Rugged DevOps event, where we’ll discuss more about Rugged DevOps practices.  In London, I was able to catch up with Helen Beal (Ranger4), Justin Arbuckle (Chef), and Gareth Rushgrove (Puppet Labs).

NOTE: If you have missed any of the other videos from this series, you can find them here.  (We’re up to 15 so far).

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Derek Weeks

VP and DevOps Advocate at Sonatype
Derek is a huge advocate of applying proven supply chain management principles into DevOps practices to improve efficiencies, reduce security risks, and sustain long-lasting competitive advantages. He currently serves as vice president and DevOps advocate at Sonatype, creators of the Nexus repository manager and the global leader in solutions for software supply chain automation. Derek is a distinguished international speaker and lectures regularly on modern software development practices, continuous delivery and DevOps, and application security. He shares insights regularly across the social sphere where you can find him at @weekstweets and

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