How to turn on audit logging in Nexus

Author, Ilkka Turunen

Author, Ilkka Turunen, Bungee jumping in New Zealand

A client called today to ask what kinds of  Nexus logs they can follow and how they can turn on user auditing.

To  turn on audit logging, follow this guide:

Another log to tail is the Jetty Request log:

  • $NEXUS_WORKDIR/logs/request.log .
  • This contains mostly the same information as the nexus.log, but is actually the request log output by the jetty server that serves the nexus java files. The main difference is that Jetty does log the IP the request originated from. It is also far less verbose than the nexus.log and may be better fitted for your requirements.
  • Example output:
  • Note that in the example output the user name is only logged on web user interface requests. This is a bug and will be fixed in 2.11.4
  • More info on what is contained in the output: (search for ” <pattern>common ” to find the section)
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Ilkka Turunen is a Solutions Architect at Sonatype. He has worked with companies large and small as a infrastructure consultant and as a developer. Now he aims to show how the Nexus products can benefit teams large and small. He's based in London, UK and can best be found in a coffee shop near the silicon roundabout.

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