Nexus 2.11.4 Released

Download and Install Nexus

Download and Install Nexus

On July 15, 2015, Nexus 2.11.4 was released. Check the complete release notes and upgrade notes before installing this release.


Upgrade to Prevent Possible SSL Socket Timeouts

Users proxying https repositories should upgrade. We’ve fixed a critical issue that caused SSL sockets to never timeout if the remote server started to misbehave (NEXUS-8856)

Performance Improvements

We continue our efforts to reduce performance bottlenecks. For example:

  • The snapshot removal task speed has been increased by an order of magnitude (NEXUS-8724)
  • Disk space required for the npm metadata database is reduced (NEXUS-8737)
  • The repository list rendering speed and CPU activity has been reduced significantly for non-admin users (NEXUS-8834)

Request Log Now Even More Useful

We have made improvements to the Nexus request log to allow better auditing of request activity.

  • In certain cases, the authenticated user making the request was not logged – this has been fixed (NEXUS-7860)
  • Elapsed time is now recorded as the last field of the log pattern format – this can help identify particularly slow requests (NEXUS-8913)
  • The request.log is archived with a more compatible name: request-YYYY-MM-DD.log.gz, instead of request.log.YYYY-MM-DD.gz (NEXUS-8856)

Outbound Storage Requests From Nexus Can Be Easily Monitored

A special logger named has been available for a while at DEBUG level to help identify the requests Nexus makes to other proxy repositories. Now this logger logs before and after the request, includes the response status, elapsed time, and any redirect information (NEXUS-8855,NEXUS-8837)

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Rich Seddon

Rich Seddon is Manager QE/Support at Sonatype. You can find him at all hours of the day and night answering questions on the support forums for Nexus and CLM.

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