Automating Nexus Deployment: Cookbooks, Modules and Playbooks

Author, Ilkka Turunen

Sonatype Q&A

The first article in this two part series, Automating Nexus Management: Using the REST API in Nexus 2.x, examined the resources available for developers who want to use the Nexus 2.x REST API. In this installment we’ll focus on how to deploy Nexus itself using various cookbooks and modules for provisioning tools.

Are there any example cookbooks / modules / playbooks / docker images I can use?

Yes, plenty! Generally speaking, the best resource for these is the official Nexus Integration documentation in the free, Repository Management with Nexus book.

I’ve also highlighted a few key tools from this list for convenience.

Chef Cookbook

Last year, Riot games shared their Chef cookbook for Nexus:

Puppet Module

Puppet Module for Sonatype Nexus

Ansible Playbook

The Ansible Playbook

Saltstack Formula

Again, some great stuff uncovered from github (use with caution and customise with care)

Docker Image

Docker example

Official Sonatype Nexus Docker Image:

Nexus Docker Image

Vagrant Box

Vagran Box on GitHub

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Ilkka Turunen is a Solutions Architect at Sonatype. He has worked with companies large and small as a infrastructure consultant and as a developer. Now he aims to show how the Nexus products can benefit teams large and small. He's based in London, UK and can best be found in a coffee shop near the silicon roundabout.

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