DevOps Leadership Series: Accelerating Adoption

Leadership Video Series

Leadership Video Series

We are at an inflection point in the adoption of DevOps. Now is not the time to blink.

DevOps was once thought to be a practice attainable by a select few.  The early pioneers were the ones with arrows in their backs.  For those who succeeded a new level of awesomeness was achieved and admiration was deserved.  But we have reached a new level of DevOps maturity today – one with broader participation across functional disciplines, where more rigorous processes being applied, and significantly more organizations are seeing a return on their early investments.

This week, I caught up with three amazing guys with a wealth of DevOps experience to add to the DevOps Leadership Series.  We now have 18 free videos in the series.

Dave Farley – DevOps for Everyone

First, I sat down with Dave Farley (@DaveFarley77), co-author of Continuous Delivery.  Dave first talks about experimenting with and optimizing the development process from beginning to end, and then shares that DevOps is truly an approach available to everyone in the organization.



Brian Dawson – Cross-Functional DevOps

I then sat down for a chat with Brian Dawson (@BrianVDawson), DevOps Evangelist at CloudBees, who is observing that cross-functional participation in DevOps is on the rise.  It is no longer a practice relegated to a select few participants in a development or operations team.



Curtis Yanko – The ROI of Software Factories

Finally, I caught up with Curtis Yanko (@onCommit), a former DevOps Architecture Manager and now colleague of mine at Sonatype.  Curtis has been seeing the successful adoption of “software factories” reduce day-to-day burdens on DevOps teams which allows them to further accelerate learning and process improvements.



Upcoming Event: October 1st, 2015

On October 1st, we are going to extend these three conversations even further.  I have invited Dave, Brian, and Curtis to join me for a discussion on how to get started with DevOps or how you can reach the next level of maturity in your existing DevOps practice.  Be sure to sign up for this event – you won’t want to miss it.

Dave, Brian, and Curtis will share 45 minutes with us discussing DevOps processes, adoption practices, technologies, and cross-functional alignment that are critical to DevOps success.  We’ll also share and discuss DevOps reference architectures that can jump start your own practice or further validate the path you are already on.  You can RSVP here.

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Derek Weeks

VP and DevOps Advocate at Sonatype
Derek is a huge advocate of applying proven supply chain management principles into DevOps practices to improve efficiencies, reduce security risks, and sustain long-lasting competitive advantages. He currently serves as vice president and DevOps advocate at Sonatype, creators of the Nexus repository manager and the global leader in solutions for software supply chain automation. Derek is a distinguished international speaker and lectures regularly on modern software development practices, continuous delivery and DevOps, and application security. He shares insights regularly across the social sphere where you can find him at @weekstweets and