What’s up Doc(ker): Nexus Repository Manager v3 Milestone 6 Release

Nexus Engineering Team

Engineering Team - 2015

We, on the Nexus team, are pleased to announce the arrival of the Nexus Repository Manager v3 Milestone 6 release!

What’s new

Milestone 6 of the Nexus Repository Manager v3 includes:


  • improvements to our Docker repository format capabilities that include the v2 format
  • the addition of npm repository format capabilities, including the ability to browse and search from within the Repo Manager
  • improvements to our npm capabilities such as support for npm scope, npm deprecate, and npm login
  • new and improved installers that allow easier installation for OS X, Windows and Linux

Docker v2 format capabilities in Nexus Repo Manager v3 are brand new and we are excited to have it going out into the wild so we can hear your feedback.

Download and Tell Us What You Think

To download Nexus Repo Manager v3 Milestone 6 (and check our out even more specifics on the latest milestone), be sure to read the release announcement.

We want to hear what you love, what you hate, and what’s missing. To do this, just send us an email: nexus-feedback@sonatype.com.

Got a bit more time on your hands?

We’d be happy to talk to you over chat. While we’re interested in any feedback, we’d love to know what you think about:

  • Creating and using private Docker registries inside Nexus
  • Creating and using npm repositories, and using the new login, scope and deprecate functionality
  • Installing the Nexus Repository Manager using our new installers

Since we’ve made substantial changes to both Docker capabilities as well as npm in Nexus Repository Manager v3, we’ve provided documentation for both Docker and npm features to get you up and running.

The Docker documentation includes topics such as:

If you happened to miss our recent webinar on Nexus Repo Manager v3 and Docker Support, it can be found on YouTube (no registration required). You can also read some in depth responses to Q&A from the Webinar here.

Latest Features

Docker Registry v2

Milestone 6 features Docker Registry v2 capabilities. In general these follow the Docker 2.0 registry API, such as resumable push and pull. Of course, we’ve kept the ability to use v1 as a format. However, we’ve disabled this for new Docker repositories by default, this was based on the likely event Docker plans to deprecate this in the future.

npm Improvements

You spoke; we listened. Milestone 6 also features a number of new npm specific items in addition to bringing back npm format capabilities. These improvements include the ability to specify a scope for npm packages, deprecate npm packages, and the ability to use npm login. We’ve also made improvements to search aimed at better overall performance.

Nexus 3 OSS General Availability

The best is yet to come as the Nexus team continues to crank towards the general availability of Nexus 3 OSS. Our next milestone will include improvements to Maven2 capabilities within Nexus as well some other goodies.. Soon thereafter, we will be looking to release Nexus Repository Manager OSS v3 as we focus on upgrading from v2 to v3, and incorporating community feedback.

Stay tuned!

The Nexus Team


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