DevOps Connect: Rugged DevOps Confirmed Track at RSAC 2016

DevOps Connect: Rugged DevOps at RSAC 2016

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I’m very excited to confirm TheNEXUS at Sonatype and and has confirmed the speaker roster for the 2nd Annual DevOps Connect: Rugged DevOps Edition at RSA Conference. This is a day long series of sessions focusing on the DevOps Software Supply Chain. DevOps and Security practitioners combine to talk about real world, enterprise level experience on implementing automation into the Software Supply Chain.

You’ll hear from industry luminaries such as Jez Humble, Josh Corman, John Willis, James Wickett and Damon Edwards on creating an environment conducive to DevOps. Practitioners Shannon Lietz, Paula Thrasher, JW Goerlich and Chris Corrieres will bring real world stories on how they implemented DevOps and Security within their enterprises. Amy DeMartine from Forrester Research will present on the Seven Habits of Rugged DevOps while Bruce Potter will explore The Darker Side of DevOps and Security. For the full roster of speakers, scroll down. It’s a day full of stories from the people who are leading the way to DevOps in the enterprise.

As a special guest, Kim Zetter from Wired will review the big security failures in 2016, and the increase in failures in the public and private sectors.

Rugged DevOps is the best shot we have at rising to the challenge of software security through the creation of an automated Software Supply Chain. If you and your company are ready to investigate the advantages of Rugged DevOps and the advantages of creating an automated Software Supply Chain, but are not quite sure on where to get started or why, this day is for you.

Everyone attending RSAC receives a complimentary pass to attend this day long event:  Press, Speaker, Full Conference, Full Conference Academic, Discover, Expo, Exhibitor, Staff.

Full Speaker Roster for DevOps Connect: Rugged DevOps at RSAC in San Francisco

  • Josh Corman
  • John Willis
  • Jez Humble
  • Damon Edwards
  • Nicole Forsgren
  • Bruce Potter
  • Kim Zetter
  • Amy DeMartine
  • Aaron Volkman
  • Hasan Yasar
  • JW Goerlich
  • Paula Thraser
  • Chris Corriere
  • Chenxi Wang
  • Shannon Lietz
  • Justin Arbuckle
  • Stephan Chenette
  • J. Paul Reed
  • Andrew Becherer
  • Zane Lackey
  • Sam Guckenhiemer
  • Ernest Mueller
  • James Wickett
  • Rich Mogull
  • Dan Glass
  • Alan Shimel
  • Mark Miller
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Mark Miller

Senior Storyteller and Community Advocate at Sonatype
Mark Miller is Senior Storyteller and DevOps Advocate for TheNEXUS. His expertise is in the creation and growth of online communities. Mark is Executive Producer of the OWASP 24/7 Podcast Series and is co-producer of the world's largest online DevOps conference, All Day DevOps. You can follow him on Twitter: @AllDayDevOps. You can also find him as the moderator of the LinkedIn DevOps Group.

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