Spring Into The Future: Nexus Repository Manager 3.0 Release

Nexus Engineering Team

Engineering Team - 2016

Today, we are super stoked to deliver the culmination of quite a few awesome people’s effort, an update to the product I hold near and dear: Sonatype’s Nexus Repository.

Just in time for cherry blossoms, thawing landscapes, and warmer days, Sonatype has brought you its own blooming flower, one hatched from a brand new bulb with a host of beautiful new features that both existing users, and those new to Nexus products, are going to love. Best yet, this release introduces the first, completely free, repository manager for the world’s most popular formats.

Nexus Repository includes a lot of awesome work, the culmination of seven milestones and great feedback from our users. Best yet, this release is production ready, and backed by the incredible support and quality you expect from all Nexus products. The list of 3.0 features includes:

  • A massive rewrite from the floor up with a new runtime and underlying architecture to improve performance, future expandability and user interaction
  • Updated interface supports more streamlined Browse, Search, and Administration functionality
  • New installers take a streamlined approach for easier use
  • Carried over current formats (e.g. Maven2, NuGet, and npm) and added a range of new ones (e.g. Docker, Bower)
    • Significantly improved npm support
    • Added full Docker container support, including the ability to host a Docker Private Registry.
  • New Provisioning API expands Nexus Repository via scripts and REST to automate common tasks for key areas in Repository Manager

Watch on YouTube: Say Hello to Nexus Repository OSS 3.0

What’s New Since Milestone 7?

  • Bower proxy, hosted, and group repositories
  • Provisioning of Nexus Repository via scripts and REST
  • Improvements to Docker


We’ve added Bower as a new Repository Format that you can use in Nexus. You may now:

  • Proxy the main Bower registry or other Bower registries
  • Create hosted Bower registries
  • Group your Bower proxies and hosted registries together

If you plan to create your own Bower packages and host them, we’d like to know how. We added a lightweight registry function that mimics the main Bower registry which we think will satisfy most use cases, but we’d love to know more about how you deal with creating front end packages. See “Tell Us What You Think” for info on contacting us.


We spent some time creating a rad Scripting Capability. We as a team are using Karaf internally to execute scripts to speed up our own workflow, and we thought it would be cool to make this easier for admins to do. You can now write scripts to automate many tasks in the Repository Manager. upload, and execute them using REST API calls. This is not a direct replacement for a REST API, but we hope it can help you bundle common tasks together to speed up your workflows. We as well created helpers that focus on speeding up script writing for:

  • Core configuration
  • Security
  • Repository
  • Blob store


We have been following the progress the teams at Docker have been making and are delighted to tell you that Nexus Repository supports Docker 1.11, a notable difference from Milestone 7.

Download Now  

Folks, you may start your engines by downloading Nexus Repository 3.0 or spin it up using our handy-dandy Docker image.

Craving more details? You can check out even more specifics in our release announcement.

Tell Us What You Think

We want to hear what you love, what you hate, and what’s missing. To do this, just send us an email: nexus-feedback@sonatype.com.

Got a bit more time on your hands? Write a blog post about the Nexus Repository! We’d also be happy to talk to you over chat. While we’re interested in any feedback, we’d love to know what you think about:

  • Creating and using private Bower, Maven, npm, Docker, and NuGet repositories

Should I Use 3.0 Or 2.x?

We are advising that you use Nexus Repository 3.0 if you are planning to use npm, Bower, NuGet or Docker. If you are using Maven, we suggest that you continue to use Nexus Repository 2.x as we are still building features for 3.0 that many Maven folks will find handy. If you want to run both versions in parallel, that is perfectly fine too.

Next Up: 3.1

As summer approaches and the northern hemisphere heats up, so is Nexus Repository. We are still cranking on a few more hot items such as:

  • Migration from Nexus Repository 2 to Nexus Repository 3.1
  • PyPi format support. You read that right, it’s time to tame the snake!
  • RubyGems format support
  • Continued improvements to the Maven format, as well as Nexus Repository in general
  • Upgrade from 3.0 to 3.1

Stay tuned!
The Nexus Team

P.S., A big personal thanks goes out to a man I only have one picture of. Thanks to Jason Dillon for the extreme passion and hard work that went into making this release a reality.

Jason Dillon

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A total Scrum Bag, working to remind others that it’s more important to Be Agile than to just Do Agile. I spend my time coaching and mentoring, helping others to find the answers they already know and giving advice when asked. When not figuring out just the right amount of process to succeed, I can be found in the remote stretches of the Earth observing the beauty of nature.

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  1. Sebastian Hegewald said:

    Will there be support for p2 repositories in Nexus 3.1?

  2. Adria Figera said:

    Hello! we are guessing if capabilities like smart proxy and repository targets are supported in nexus 3 version, We’re not able to find them in the docu. Maybe the 3.1 version?

  3. Paul C George said:

    Earlier missives indicated the 3.x was re-engineering the Staging functionality. From what I can see from the 3.0 documentation you seem to have eliminated the concept of a staging repository, staging profiles, promotion profiles and rule sets entirely. Is this impression correct? It looks like you are now pushing Docker & Nuget over any kind of Maven repository for DevOps type use.

  4. Catalin Ciurea said:


    Is Git Large Files support planned for any future Nexus release ?


  5. Giacomo Boccardo said:

    When you are saying “If you are using Maven, we suggest that you continue to use Nexus Repository 2.x as we are still building features for 3.0 that many Maven folks will find handy” do you mean that Nexus 3 has less features regarding Maven support than Nexus 2? Can you elaborate on it?

    • Mohamed said:

      @Giacomo: Yes. I encountered one myself and when contacting Sonatype they confirmed it’s planed to be released in 3.1.
      The feature I am talking about is to upload an 3rd party artifact. I think it’s not the only feature that is missing in version 3.0.

      • Jeffry Hesse said:

        100% accurate. We delivered Maven2 as a format but certain features that customers and users use such as Repo Targets, Routing, are still missing as we either rethink them or rearchitect them. A note to Mohamed, 3rd party artifact upload is now in progress for Maven2 :)

  6. Grzegorz said:

    There is possible to repair bower repository? There is problem with bower register on bower-hosterd repo.

    Package my_rbp registered successfully!
    All valid semver tags on git://localhost:6789/my_rbp will be available as versions.
    To publish a new version, just release a valid semver tag.
    Run bower info my_rbp to list the available versions.

    After: bower info my_rbp: bower ENOTFOUND Package my_rbp not found
    I checked it by GUI and there is no my_rbp

    • Jeffry Hesse said:

      Hi there,

      Feel free to email directly and I’ll see what I can help out with. You can delete the asset in the Nexus UI, which would allow you to reregister the package. I have a suspicion something is awry with your .bowerrc file however, as I’d ran into that problem myself in the past :)


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