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Nexus IQ Server

IQ Server 1.20 Released - Click to Review Release Notes

Today we’ve announced the release of Nexus IQ Server 1.20, the underlying technology that supports our Continuous Component Intelligence product line: Nexus Lifecycle, Nexus Firewall, and Nexus Auditor.

While there are many changes, but I’m particularly excited about these three:

  • performance improvements for large numbers of applications
  • a new UI for policy configuration
  • releasing components quarantined by Nexus Firewall

Check out the release notes for all the changes in this release and go get the update.


Performance improvements for large numbers of applications

The loading of the dashboard, reporting, and policy configuration sections has been significantly improved, especially for customers with hundreds or thousands of applications.

We’ve also pared down the UI of the dashboard to give prominence to the risk information.  See the side-by-side comparison of before and after this release:

IQ Server Dashboard - Click to View Full Size


New UI for policy configuration

Over the last several releases we’ve been working on a new user interface (UI) for policy configuration.  You didn’t know it, but the increments have been shipped in every release, and we’ve now flipped the switch to make it visible to all.

I’m excited about the this work because it brings consistency to the user interactions and a great look and feel.  This creates a stable foundation for our future UI work.

To see it in action upgrade today, or request a demo.  In the meantime here’s a sample:

Nexus IQ Server Policy Configuration - Click to View Full Size


Releasing components quarantined by Nexus Firewall

In Nexus Firewall there is an option to force a component into quarantine when it is added to the repository and has violated a policy.  This quarantine makes the component unavailable for download.  In some cases it may be appropriate to allow use of a quarantined component.  With this release, you can now “release the quarantine” and make the component downloadable once the violations are resolved.  Note that this feature requires both IQ Server 1.20 and Nexus Repository Manager 2.13, as well as a license for the Nexus Repository and Nexus Firewall products.

Nexus IQ Server Release Quarantined Components - Click to View Full Size


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