Sonatype Automated Deployments with Atlassian Bitbucket Pipelines

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With the release of Atlassian’s new Bitbucket Pipelines, you can now configure your project to have continuous builds performed in the cloud easily. Powered by the knowledge of Atlassian on how to run large infrastructure for tools such as Confluence and JIRA Software, Bitbucket Pipelines brings you a simple configuration for your builds, no matter what stack your project is using. Docker containers as the foundation for the platform allow you to customize to your heart’s desire and deliver great performance for the overall system.

We have used this great new platform as a base to show you how easy it is to get your build outputs published to the Central Repository. It is literally one commit to the git repository and you are done.

This all works with the staging suite of Nexus Repository Pro that runs our free service to publish to the Central Repository – Open Source Software Repository Hosting (OSSRH). Check out the example project we put together. It includes the complete set up and full documentation so you can set up the same approach with Bitbucket Pipelines for your own projects.

And if you are more of a visual person that wants to just see it in action – we’ve got a video for you right here:

You should try it out for yourself to see how easy publishing can be with Bitbucket Pipelines and Sonatype’s Nexus Repository-based OSSRH. And if you are lucky enough to have your own deployment of Nexus Repository Pro you can empower and streamline your release process with the same setup. But you have the flexibility to apply your own rules, notifications and more. Furthermore, with the integration of Nexus Lifecycle you can add an automated policy check including analysis for security vulnerabilities, license characteristics and other criteria into the mix.

How cool is that?!

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Manfred Moser

Manfred Moser is trainer, author and community advocate at Sonatype working on efforts around the Nexus Repository Manager, the Nexus IQ Server and the Central Repository. He is a regular speaker at conference such as JavaOne, AnDevCon, OSCON and others.. Fluent in both German and English, he also speaks and writes Java and a bunch of other programming languages and uses these skills as committer and project lead on a number of open source projects such as the Android Maven Plugin. The open source community and open source software has been a passion of his for well over a decade and he is sure it will be for a few more decades. Manfred can be found on most social channels, including Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

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