Packaging and Shipping Rails Applications in Docker

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Allan Espinosa - Author

You’re very happy as a Rails developer for drinking the Docker kool-aid. You just need to toss a Docker image to your Ops team and you’re done! However, like all software projects, your Docker containers start to decay. Deployment takes days to occur as you download your gigantic Docker image to production. Everything’s on fire and you can’t launch the rails console inside your Docker container. Isn’t Docker supposed to take all these things away?

In this presentation, I discuss some Docker optimizations and performance tuning techniques to keep your Rails packaging and shipping pipeline in shape.

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Allan is the author of "Docker High Performance" from Packt Publishing. The book contains some worked examples and high level concepts on how to get Docker up and running in production. In his career, Allan has worked on large distributed systems containing hundreds to thousands of servers in production. He has built scalable applications on various platforms ranging from large supercomputing centers in the U.S. to production enterprise systems in Japan.

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