July 5, 2016: 5 DevOps Podcasts for your Morning Commute

Mark Miller - Featured Author

No need to hunt around for the latest in DevOps podcasts. It’s the Tuesday morning refresh, July 5, 2016, highlighting 5 DevOps podcasts for your morning commute. Am I missing a podcast you think should be featured? Leave a comment below and I’ll check it out.

What is DevOps: For HPE, It’s All About People, Processes, and Technology

In this episode of The New Stack Makers, we explore what DevOps is at its core and the foundational principles businesses can implement to make the DevOps process a success. The New Stack Founder Alex Williams spoke with Gary Gruver, President at Gruver Consulting LLC, IDC Program Vice President of Project-Based Services Cushing Anderson, and HPE DevOps Senior Director Ashish Kuthiala to hear their thoughts.

Brandon Holcolm – An Innovator’s Journey to DevOps

Brandon Holcomb, VP Technology, Global Platforms at Equifax, is worried about scaling IT projects at large enterprises. As head of infrastructure at Equifax, and previously at Home Depot, Holcomb has led large, transformational projects while concentrating on the ability of the new systems to scale. He has discovered that most issues are created by lack of communication between teams.

The New Twisted Definition of DevOps

Our guest on the podcast this week is JP Morgenthal, Global Solutions Executive and Distinguished Engineer at CSC. We discuss an unfortunate shift in the meaning of DevOps. The industry has brought its definition to mean the technical specialization and ability to build software modules instead of the underlying business services and organizational strategy DevOps set out to change. We also look at the impact of Brexit on data protection rules across EU borders.

Episode 44: Fostering a Culture of Continuous Improvement

DevOps and Continuous Delivery are essentially a Journey – on a path of on-going optimization. How do you continually optimize your software delivery process to improve your IT and organizational performance? We asked our panelists for concrete tactics used by organizations to foster the right culture and organizational atmosphere to foster continuous improvement. How do you encourage collaboration, creativity, can-do attitude and commitment – in order to facilitate change?

May the (4) Force(s) be with You, Always!

Cloud Native Apps, and DevOps, may be the most overused terms in IT today; so what is EMCs plan? Matt Cowger (@Mcowger) stops by to help clarify the mud and introduce the EMC dotNext team. Matt coordinated 42 sessions at EMC World 2016, all focused on Cloud Native Apps and DevOps. 10 sessions focused on Cloud Leadership and 32 technical code and modern operations.

EMC The Source Podcast

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