Upgrade Nexus Repository Manager 2 to 3: Get Early Access

Nexus 2 to 3 Upgrade - Early Access

Nexus 2 to 3 Upgrade - Early Access

A Double Dose Of Sonatype Awesomeness: Get Early Access, Test Out Upgrade!

After a bunch of fun (and midnight oil) behind the scenes, we’ve hit a point where we want to invite a limited group of users to upgrade Nexus Repository Manager 2 to 3, early.

Who Me?

Yes you!

But who are you?

Well, we are looking for interested users with:

  • Time to give us feedback in the near term. Think days, not weeks, to when you can help us test Upgrade
  • Repository OSS user experience. We want to start with the OSS users first, you’ll be helping us collect awesome feedback to better refine Upgrade
  • A willingness to setup a test environment
  • This is not meant for upgrading your Production environment, although you can certainly (and we encourage you to) use a copy of your Production setup

If you made it here and you AREN’T interested or available for Early Access, don’t worry, regular access is coming soon. :)

How Do I Get Involved?

  1. Head on over to this Google Form
  2. Fill it out and submit it
  3. ????
  4. PROFIT!!! (We are going to give out a nice thank you for those who provide us valuable feedback)

Once we’ve looked over the submissions, we will be picking our list of users to engage with, and you’ll be hearing from myself and others.

What Else Is Going On? Can I Get A State Of The Nexus?

Sure thing. We’ve been working hard on Upgrade, but we are also getting close to our first version of High Availability support. We will be reaching out to customers to help test that out in the near future.

Additionally, we will have an interim release before 3.1 that will include:

  • FREE Python – PyPi package support
  • The ability to proxy The PyPi Package Index and upload Wheel/Eggs to Hosted Repositories
  • FREE Ruby Gems package support
  • We had this in 2. Now it’s in 3, and greatly improved!
  • Bug fixes

We like to keep the lights on for you. We’ve been working with our awesome Support team to incorporate the necessary elements that keep Repository Manager running smoothly

When is 3.1 coming?

Soon! This Early Access program is one of the last steps left before we release 3.1, so stay tuned.

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