Introducing the Nexus Jenkins Plugin

Automated Publishing

As a long time Java developer, I’ve always depended on the Maven build process to automatically publish my artifacts to a Nexus Repository Manager.  This automated process was made possible thanks to some very useful plugins — specifically, the Maven plugin for Nexus staging and the Maven Deploy plugin.  Both made publishing of artifacts to Nexus Repository Managers remarkably simple as the final step of a Maven build.


Introducing the Nexus Jenkins Plugin

However, in today’s continuous-everything world, build processes are increasingly complicated and resemble a highly dynamic supply chain with bits of code flowing through a digital pipeline.

In this world, we need a new type of plugin — one that extracts the publishing process away from the build itself. That’s why Sonatype created the Nexus Jenkins Plugin.  It provides developers with a unique step that can be invoked dynamically during any part of the Jenkins pipeline.  So, whether containerizing applications somewhere in the pipeline, or running governance tools such as Nexus Lifecycle, developers have the flexibility to publish bits to a Nexus repository manager whenever and wherever they want.

Nexus 2


Build pipelines are an essential part of DevOps and are critical to enabling a continuous software delivery process. With the release of the Nexus Jenkins Plugin, we are happy to share

Sonatype’s continuing commitment to automating Agile release management processes. As Jenkins is currently used by over 60% of companies for their Java builds, this plugin will give millions of developers a flexible, fast, and efficient way to publish their project bits to Nexus Repository.

Download It

Want to take the plugin out for a spin?  Download it here.

DevOps Express Initiative

The Nexus Jenkins Plugin was built in support of the DevOps Express industry initiative.  The DevOps Express initiative provides access to a set of integrated, battle-tested DevOps solutions that aims to accelerate any organization’s time-to-value.  DevOps Express is a collaborative industry effort supported by Sonatype, CloudBees, Puppet, Chef, SonarSource, SauceLabs, and other leading technology vendors.

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    • Justin Young said:

      Currently the plugin supports Nexus 2.x with upcoming support for Nexus 3.x. We will announce the release of Nexus 3 compatibility. Thanks for the patience.

      • Lakshminarayana said:

        Thank you for the response. I downgraded from 3.x to 2.x and then this plugin worked. Please make sure to update the article with the versions supported. That can help the folks saving some time.

      • sachin said:

        is now this plugin is compatible with nexus 3 or downgrading nexus is the only solution as for now?

  1. Eran said:

    Great. You made a Jenkins plugin for older product of yours.
    This does not work with Nexus Repository ManagerOSS 3.x

  2. Daniel Smith said:

    Good Day.

    In January we started our CI toolset selection process and we were looking to go with Nexus3 for all the latest bells and whistles. We are now 3 months into our development and we are doing publishing and having a real hard time of getting our toolset going without the Nexus3 Jenkins plugins.

    Can you please provide the community with an estimate on release, so we can determine whether the timeline allows for Nexus3 (and thus our purchase) or if we should switch now to Artifactory (not my preference, but if there is not to be current support on the latest release of Nexus, then we have to think about the lifecycle of Nexus as a whole).

    thank you
    Daniel Smith

  3. Siju said:


    I am not able to upload the hpi into my jenkins instance. It tries to upload and times out after 10 mins. Is there another version I can try.


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