Nexus Repository 3.2 Enhances Support for Backups, Docker, and Firewall

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The Nexus Repository team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Nexus Repository Pro and OSS 3.2 just in time for the holidays.

New and Noteworthy

Backup & Restore.  We’ve made two improvements to Nexus Repository for a better backup/restore experience. All content written to internal storage (the ‘blob stores’) is now handled in a quasi-atomic way: files are written to a temporary location, then hard-linked to their final destination. This ensures better consistency of backups taken while Nexus is in use.

Additionally, unlike the rest of Nexus Repository, the embedded Orient databases can’t be backed up while Nexus Repository is running. Since shutting down Nexus to back it up isn’t always an option, we’ve decided to make this easier for you with the introduction of a new scheduled task to export the content of the embedded databases.  These exports should be collected by your existing backup procedures to make sure your Nexus Repository is fully backed up.

Nexus 3

We recommend all Nexus Repository installs have backup and restore procedures in place and test them to ensure they work properly.  You would be amazed at the number of support calls we field from teams that have never backed up their databases.  While Nexus Repository has an incredible record for stability at scale, you don’t want to be caught in a situation where a backup is needed and none exists.

Nexus Firewall Support.  For Nexus Repository Pro installs, the 3.2 release supports integration with Nexus Firewall (requires Nexus IQ Server v1.24). This brings industry-leading DevSecOps practices to your proxy repositories. With policy-driven auditing and quarantining of components, you can shift OSS governance practices to the far left — keeping components with known security vulnerabilities, risky license types, and architectural issues out of your proxy repositories.

Our 2016 State of the Software Supply Chain report revealed that 1 in 15 components used in applications had at least one known security vulnerability.  With Nexus Firewall, you can evaluate and block risky components from entering your SDLC.  For components already in the repository, Nexus Repository Pro and OSS users already have access to the Repository Health Check feature that provides daily reports on the quality attributes of all components; the Pro version provides more detail on each component.

Nexus 3

For those already using Nexus Firewall with a Nexus Repository 2.x version, our next release of Nexus Repository 3 will provide built-in support to ease you through the upgrade.

Purging Orphaned Docker Images.  By popular demand, we’ve added a task to help keep down those disk-bursting Docker repository sizes. You can now remove dangling or orphaned Docker layers when you need to, or schedule this cleanup to occur automatically.

Nexus 3

Nexus Repository 2.14.2 Bug Fixes.  Along with 3.2, we’re releasing a bugfix version of Nexus Repository 2.14.2. If you are planning an upgrade from Nexus Repository 2.x to 3.2, you will need to first upgrade to 2.14.2. For details, see the 2.14.2 release notes.

Download it Now

To get the bytes, visit the Sonatype OSS download site or our support download page.

For the full change log, see the detailed release notes.

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Update from Michael Prescott, Product Owner/Nexus Repository Manager, where he helps to shovel coal as fast as he can into the fabulous engine that is the Nexus Repository engineering team.

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Michael Prescott

Michael Prescott is Product Owner/Nexus Repository Manager, where he helps to shovel coal as fast as he can into the fabulous engine that is the Nexus RM engineering team.

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