Nexus Build Extension for Team Services

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We are pleased to announce the new Integrate with Sonatype Nexus extension available from the Visual Studio Marketplace for Team Services and Team Foundation Server (TFS).

This extension adds a build task which makes it easy to upload your build artifacts to your Nexus Server as part of your Team Services or Team Foundation Server (TFS) build.  This is especially useful if you are not using Maven in your build process because POMs are not required.  Simply specify the repository information along with the file to upload.

Nexus Build Extension for Team Services


The extension is open sourced, so feel free to use it to create your own build extensions. If you have any suggestions or issues, reach out to us on GitHub.

To learn more about Java and cross platform support in Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Team Services, visit or follow us on twitter @JavaALM.

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Jason is Senior Software Development Engineer with experience in commercial product development and open source development. Most of his time has been spent writing developer tools for Java developers, but has recently changed directions and now works in the surveillance space for IPConfigure. Previously, at Microsoft, he was an engineer on the Visual Studio Team Services Java team. He worked on Eclipse tooling for the Visual Studio Team Explorer Everywhere plug-in, and IntelliJ tooling for Visual Studio Team Services Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio. He also shifted gears a little and dove into the world of Node.js and Typescript writing build tasks for the cross platform Visual Studio Team Services build engine. Previously, while at IBM, Jason worked on server side Java code for IBM's Quality Manager application. Prior to that, he spent years building and evolving IBM's Eclipse based Java EE Tools for WebSphere Application Server as well as code common to the application server, was a founding contributor for the Web Tools Project for Eclipse, developed XSLT stylesheet editing tools, and developed Java based screen customization tools for integration with legacy IBM mainframes. Jason holds a B.S. in computer science from Columbia University and an M.S. in computer science from North Carolina State University. He is the recipient of an Outstanding Technical Achievement Award from IBM and has holds 6 US patents for his work.

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  1. Max said:

    Thank you for the extension. Quick question: can I use this extension to download artifact from Nexus?