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UX Team - Updating the Nexus Interface

One of the things we’ve heard frequently since releasing Nexus Repository Manager 3 is that it lacks a tree view when browsing. We’re in the middle of bringing it back, and need your feedback!

We’re building two things.

  1. A lightweight HTML view that’s a direct replacement for the old HTML view in Nexus Repository Manager 2, but for all formats, not just Maven.
  2. A rich tree view in the UI that allows you to browse repository contents hierarchically.

Most repository formats lack structure (Maven is a notable exception with its GAV coordinates). Because of this, they’re often notoriously difficult to browse as they grow, leaving search as the only viable option for finding things in your repositories.

We’d like to understand how you interact with flat formats like NPM, NuGet, Docker, and Git LFS.

  • How do you expect browse to work for these formats?
  • Do you have a method for browsing these formats hierarchically?
  • Any other tips or comments for us?

Fill out the survey linked below and let us know!

Nexus Repository Manager, Browse Experience Survey

Thank you,
Sonatype UX Team

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Daniel Sauble

Daniel Sauble is a Senior UX developer at Sonatype, where he leads design for Nexus, a software repository manager. In his spare time, he speaks at conferences, writes on Medium, and runs ridiculously long distances.

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