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User testing allows us to partner with customers to continuously improve our products. Sonatype’s User Experience team is launching a new program designed to allow us to regularly connect with Nexus users.

We would like to offer you a chance to provide feedback on early-stage concepts and product designs starting this spring! We are looking for participants to join May user testing sessions starting now.

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How it works

When you sign up, we will use the information you provide to find a user study that is a good fit for you. We have a variety of sessions available ranging from 5 minute surveys and 30 minute interviews to 2 hour usability tests. Most sessions will last 30 – 60 minutes and will entail usability testing prototypes or providing feedback on new concepts.

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Session Details

  • Most of our user testing will be conducted remotely over the phone and web. You can participate from your home or business.
  • Sign up takes approximately 5 minutes using the survey link below. You can opt-out of the program and email list at any time.

For most activities a gratuity is provided for participation, usually a $100 gift card for a 1 hour session for U.S. participants. Gratuity type is dependent on country of residence, session type, and session length. Gratuity is delivered after you participate in a user experience test session.

Nexus UX Team - Survey

Up Next

IQ Server, Dashboard Experience, Usability and Concept Testing   

We are currently looking for IQ Server users and those who are interested in trying IQ Server.

60 minute remote sessions are taking place in April and May, SIGN UP

We look forward to speaking with you

If you or your team uses Nexus products, or if you are just interested in Nexus products, we would love to speak with you!

Thanks for reading!

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Daniel Sauble

Daniel Sauble is a product owner and UX designer at Sonatype. His team is focused on providing a great experience for travelers as they bounce between the different products in the Nexus ecosystem. He reads at breakfast each morning.

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