Bringing dependency code snippets to Nexus Repository Manager 3 (survey)

Dependency Code Snippets - Featured Image

Dependency Code Snippets

Over the last month, several of you told us that you miss this functionality in Nexus Repository Manager 3 and want it back. We hear you!

Instead of just porting this functionality from Nexus Repository Manager 2, we want to go one step further. We think it should be easy to consume dependencies from every format, not just Maven.

To do that, we need your help.

Are you a developer who consumes dependencies from Nexus Repository Manager 2 or 3? Do you have 60 minutes (or even just 30 minutes) to give feedback on some early design concepts? If so, please fill out the survey below and we’ll be in touch.

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Daniel Sauble

Daniel Sauble is a product owner and UX designer at Sonatype. His team is focused on providing a great experience for travelers as they bounce between the different products in the Nexus ecosystem. He reads at breakfast each morning.

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