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Over the past month, we conducted a UX study of dashboard in IQ Server. The study looked at the value users are getting from the current dashboard experience and tested some future designs.


Nexus UX Experience


Some Key Findings

We need to explain our terms.

There are several terms used in our UI that can be difficult to understand if you’re not already familiar with them.

The dashboard would be more valuable with additional fields, and additional filters.

We are missing some opportunities to provide more relevant insights in the dashboard. We’ve identified additional filtering tools and results data that will improve value.

The ‘Apply’ button is easy to miss.

In order to see dashboard results, you must explicitly submit your desired filters. Some users expected a dynamic query, where results update in real time while they interact with the filter controls. This type of dynamic query is currently performance prohibitive. In the meantime, our method of submitting the filter query in the UI is not prominent enough and many users miss it.

It’s not easy to tell when the results are synched and when they’re not.

Because you must submit the filter to update results, the UI can easily enter a state where the results displayed are not in sync with the filters. This state is not obvious enough, causing some users to reason incorrectly about the results they are seeing.

Thanks to our participants

We gathered many valuable insights in addition to the ones above, and we’re eager to use these insights to improve IQ Server. Thank you to our study participants who provided their time and feedback.

If you would like to participate in a Sonatype Nexus User Study or Customer Feedback Session, sign up here.

Thanks for reading!

Have questions? Write to us at UX-team@sonatype.com

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Micah Horvat

As a Product Owner and UX Designer for Nexus IQ Server, I’m fortunate enough to work with a world class team, delivering a world class product. At Sonatype, I work with my team and our users to cultivate and communicate a vision of ever friendlier, more efficient, and more valuable component intelligence. Outside of Sonatype, I like to read, cook, and hang out in the woods with a backpack.

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