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Nexus Repository Manager analytics features help you understand which features are most important, where users are experiencing issues, and what integrations/APis are actively in use. Analytics collects non-sensitive information about how your organization is using Nexus to help you understand your usage of Nexus better.

Collecting Events

You can collect analytics events for your own use or opt to submit anonymized analytics to Sonatype as well to help improve Nexus products. Collected information is limited to the use of the Nexus user interface and the Nexus REST API. Enabling analytics allows us to improve our products, plan new features, and address problem areas by increasing our understanding of usage patterns.

Enable Analytics

To enable analytics, log into your Nexus Repository Manager 3 instance, then go to admin mode [1]. Next, open the Analytics feature [2]. Finally, check the Collect analytics events and Enable anonymized analytics submission to Sonatype boxes [3].

UX Experience - Nexus

UX Experience - Nexus

Tree View Analytics

We are bringing analytics to the new tree browsing experience in Nexus Repository Manager 3. If you enable analytics, it will help us understand how this feature is used. For example, it will help us see if the rich tree view is used more than the HTML tree view, and if so, by how much. With your help we can resolve issues quickly and improve the overall product experience.

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As a senior UX researcher at Sonatype, I incorporate customer perspectives into the development of tools that provide value for Nexus users. I draw on insights from customer feedback to help guide the design direction and shape product experiences for Nexus solutions. My background in cultural anthropology and social psychology informs my approach to exploring Developer, DevOps, and Team experiences. You can follow our UX and user testing program through The Nexus/UX or join us to provide feedback at Sonatype.com/Advisors.
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