Customer Feedback on Success Metrics, Nexus IQ Server

Measuring Success with Nexus IQ Server

Measuring Success with Nexus IQ Server

Our customers are telling us they would like to have a way to view metrics highlighting the progress they’re making and the value of IQ Server. In response, we’re exploring designs related to the content and visualization of these metrics within IQ Server.

We are looking for IQ Server users who would be willing to spend 30-60 minutes talking to us and providing feedback on concepts. We will discuss the types of metrics that would be valuable to you and how they should be accessed and shared.

If you would like to schedule a time to talk to us, fill out the participation form below:
IQ Server Success Metrics, Participation Form

Thank you,
Sonatype UX Team

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Shade Solon

As a senior UX researcher at Sonatype, I incorporate customer perspectives into the development of tools that provide value for Nexus users. I draw on insights from customer feedback to help guide the design direction and shape product experiences for Nexus solutions. My background in cultural anthropology and social psychology informs my approach to exploring Developer, DevOps, and Team experiences. You can follow our UX and user testing program through The Nexus/UX or join us to provide feedback at

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