The Results are In: Outreach Polls in Nexus Repository Manager

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UX Experience - Results

In September we posted our first customer feedback poll in the Give Us Feedback section of the Nexus Repository Manager Welcome Page. We wanted to know more about you and your needs for improvements to the Nexus Repository Manager experience.

Thank you to everyone who sent in your feedback! Your input is helping to guide the direction of our upcoming work. We received 342 responses from both OSS and Pro users last month on ideas for improvements, UI Upload, and the cloud services you use.

UX Experience - Feedback Requests

How can we improve your Nexus Repository Manager experience?

The top three themes that emerged from your suggestions for improvements were: a need for UI Upload in Nexus Repository Manager 3, enhanced capabilities in Search, and the addition of a treeview in Browse.

UI Upload

Many respondents requested UI Upload for Maven artifacts similar to the experience in Nexus Repository Manager 2. We are currently in the process of designing a GUI front-end experience for both Maven and Raw artifacts. If you are interested in viewing the designs by participating in usability testing for UI Upload, you can sign up here.


We received many suggestions for additional capabilities in Search such as added search criteria and enhanced results management. We are currently collecting feedback on the Search experience.

Browse Tree View

Our poll respondents also requested the addition of a tree view in Browse similar to the experience in Nexus Repository Manager 2. We are working on bringing the tree view to Nexus Repository Manager 3, and we appreciate all of the feedback we received this summer in the poll and usability tests! If you have additional feedback you’d like to give us about the Browse Experience, we have an open survey here.

Upcoming Polls

To find the latest poll, look for the Give Us Feedback section of the Welcome Page. This month we are collecting feedback on UI Upload, cloud services, repository formats, and your likelihood to recommend Nexus products.

As always, you can sign up for a user feedback session, or just drop us a line at and tell us what you think.

Thank you,

Sonatype UX Team

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Shade Solon

As a senior UX researcher at Sonatype, I incorporate customer perspectives into the development of tools that provide value for Nexus users. I draw on insights from customer feedback to help guide the design direction and shape product experiences for Nexus solutions. My background in cultural anthropology and social psychology informs my approach to exploring Developer, DevOps, and Team experiences. You can follow our UX and user testing program through The Nexus/UX or join us to provide feedback at
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