Nexus Repository 3.6.1 Released

Nexus Repository 3.6.1

Nexus Repository 3.6.1

The Nexus Repository teams are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Nexus Repository 3.6.1. This release is a rollup of 70+ bug fixes and general improvements we’ve made over the last couple of months. A few highlights:

  • Docker repositories can be searched anonymously (NEXUS-14512).
  • Username and IP address of the person who uploaded a component is shown in the component information view (NEXUS-10896).
  • The REST API documentation can be accessed from Admin → System → REST API (NEXUS-14730).

If you’d like to check it out, read the release notes and get the download.

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Daniel Sauble

Daniel Sauble is a product owner and UX designer at Sonatype. His team is focused on providing a great experience for travelers as they bounce between the different products in the Nexus ecosystem. He reads at breakfast each morning.

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One Comment;

  1. Mike Lothian said:

    This is the first release of Nexus I’ve been able to build from without any modifications and without a continuous error about running on one node, when running on a single node configuration

    There still doesn’t seem to be any ldap support out of the box, but I’m wondering if that’s something that has to be enabled in a config first

    Either way good progress for your OSS offering

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