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Author, Damir Arh

Nexus and NuGet: Create a Hosted Repository

Once you get used to adding assembly references by installing NuGet packages instead of pointing directly to assembly files on disk, you’ll soon want to do the same with your own reusable class libraries, as well.


Author, Mike Hansen

n * (n – 1) / 2: As Small as Possible and No Smaller

n * (n – 1) / 2 → This rather simple formula has profound implications on the dynamics of a product development organization.  This isn’t a revelation, of course, and Fred Brooks wrote of it in his classic essay The Mythical Man Month.  “n” in this case is the number of people and the result


Author, Chris Riley

Components as Process

The developer space is not boring. Over the past 10 years, as many businesses have adopted the DevOps approach to rapid, agile development for rapid software releases. Simultaneously in the last decade has witnessed a huge

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