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TheNEXUS Community Project is a global community for users of Sonatype products, including Nexus Repository Manager (OSS and enterprise versions), Nexus Lifecycle, Nexus Auditor  and Nexus Firewall. You can view a comparison of all the products here.

On TheNEXUS, you’ll find a group of authors and contributors who provide content and resources to help users get the most from our products. We accept article contributions from the community, as well as from established authors interested in writing for the site on a regular basis.

How to Become an Author for TheNEXUS

We are interested in hearing how you are using Nexus, what unique ways you have found to create secure software and what best practices you are using to build software in a complex environment. There are two ways to contribute to the site: offering us a cross-post from your existing content or providing exclusive content to the community.

Supporting the ecosystem of Nexus users is at the heart of what TheNEXUS Community does. If you have a blog or have written an article about your use of Nexus, please let us know and we will help promote your article through our newsletter, through mentioning it in an article on the site or cross-posting here on the site when appropriate.

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  1. Rob Silver said:

    I had no idea what the software does but I am thinking its a way to manage private or off of Maven Repository Repositories but that is just what I understand at this moment or think I understand as it was suggested to use my maven local repository to by pass resolution issues with missing classes. Not sure how it plays into the proxy /repository concept but it seems to be a little like
    yum in that it keeps track of non-maven- repositories. Why would a repository software Open Source project want to be outside of Maven Repository???

  2. Manfred Moser said:


    Nexus is a component manager. The components are files in all sorts of formats and are typically stored in repositories. Nexus supports a number of repository formats including Maven1, Maven2, npm, yum, rubygems, nuget and others. Nexus allows you to proxy external repositories as well as host your internal repositories in these formats and conveniently merges them for consumption by your development tools like Maven, NuGet, npm or whatever.

    Open source projects typically try to publish their components to their target audience so it becomes conveniently available. Depending on the tools this can be a Maven repository such as the Central Repository or some other repository. E.g. for NuGet components it makes sense to publish to the NuGet gallery. It gets more complicated e.g. for webtools that get published to multiple repositories for consumption by the various jar.

    Nexus and Sonatype CLM as a software stack allow you to manage all these components in the different repositories and monitor and police their usage as well as inspect things like security and license issues affecting the components. The Nexus – the community site, is about all those efforts related to managing that supply change and usage of components in the software development lifecycle – which is now called CLM – component lifecycle management.

    Hope that explains things better


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  4. Michael said:

    I’ve recently started looking at MAVEN, for a possible implementation at work.
    I’ve installed MAVEN and downloaded the ‘MAVEN by example’ book, and started reading and trying the examples with great interest.
    Unfortunately I found the YAHOO Weather example is not working, due the Yahoo changing their access or URL.
    The published URL: http://weather.yahooapis.com/forecastrss?p=60202
    Gives this result:

    Please provide valid credentials. OAuth oauth_problem=”OST_OAUTH_PARAMETER_ABSENT_ERROR”, realm=”yahooapis.com”

    Is there a solution, will the book be updated?

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