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Culture Hacking

Culture Hacking at RSAC 2017 with Shannon Lietz

Culture Hacking at RSAC 2017 with Shannon Lietz

On Monday, February 13, Shannon Lietz gave a quick, 20 minute overview of her investigations and implementation of Culture Hacking at Intuit. Below is the extended version of that presentation, including audio and the slide deck. Shannon will continue this discussion at her keynote presentation during AppSec EU 2017 in Belfast.     Culture Hacker:

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<— Shifting Security to the Left

Software is assembled from many component parts to quickly address customer needs.  The end-to-end process of delivering value through software starts with ideation and ends with a finished product or service that significantly improves the lives of its customers.  Some depict the Software Supply Chain from right to left enumerating the Continuous Delivery of software

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5 DevSecOps Principles You Should Know

Establishing a DevSecOps Program within your organization? It can be easily achieved for businesses small and large. Here are the 5 foundational DevSecOps principles to help you get started: 1) Customer Focused Mindset With customer focus comes the benefit of aligning business and security strategies to ensure just right, just enough security that everyone in