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Tale of Two Quakes - Josh Corman

We Lack Building Codes for Building Software Code [VIDEO]

At Josh Corman’s presentation during AppSecEU 2015, he brought up the analogy of buildings codes, those laws and regulations that mandate how architectural buildings are built. It’s the reason earthquakes in some regions of the world are so devastating, while even stronger ones in other areas cause minimal damage. Josh’s question is a simple one:

Author- Joshua Corman

Open Season on Open Source? Why It’s Time for a Software Supply Chain

Joshua Corman’s presentation at ØREDEV 2014 in Sweden brings up the idea of a software supply chain. Josh’s premise is ‘Is OpenSource more secure?” is the wrong question’. Listen to his full presentation and let us know what you think. OPENSEASON ON OPENSOURCE? WHY IT’S TIME FOR A SW SUPPLY CHAIN Session Description Is OpenSource more