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Nexus IQ Server 1.41 is now available

Nexus IQ Server 1.41 is now available

Today, the product development team announced the availability of the Nexus IQ Server 1.41. The changes in this release include: Option to force baseUrl for user-facing URLs instead of using X-Forwarded-Proto and X-Forwarded-Host headers set by proxies. Support for evaluating Java 9 applications and components. Support for the new Twistlock Console 2.2 in Nexus IQ

Nexus IQ Server

Nexus IQ Server 1.20 Now Available

Today we’ve announced the release of Nexus IQ Server 1.20, the underlying technology that supports our Continuous Component Intelligence product line: Nexus Lifecycle, Nexus Firewall, and Nexus Auditor. While there are many changes, but I’m particularly excited about these three: performance improvements for large numbers of applications a new UI for policy configuration releasing components

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Why do code reviews?

This article is part of a continuing series from the engineering team, talking about the process and tools they use in the distributed work environment. TheNEXUS Community members have immediate access to the live online videos recorded for this series. Why Do Code Reviews? There is a lot of literature on the value of code