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Easy Publishing to the Central Repository – New Video Series

Easy Publishing to the Central Repository – New Video Series

In a new series of how-to videos, Easy Publishing to the Central Repository, we’ll look at common scenarios that might slow you down when publishing to Central Repository. When approving projects, we find that up to 20% have to make a simple namespace correction in order to proceed. The first step we check is that the

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Step-by-Step: Block and Quarantine Vulnerable Open Source Components and Artifacts with Nexus Firewall

We have added two more videos in the Tips from the Trenches Series free training series, explaining how to configure and use Nexus Firewall to block and quarantine open source components with known vulnerabilities. Tips from the Trenches is a 32 part, quick hit video series that is available to all members of TheNEXUS Community

Jenkins and Nexus

Using Jenkins with Nexus Repository Manager [4 Videos]

In our continuing series of videos, “Tips from the Trenches“, we have four sessions on using Nexus with Jenkins. We also have a set on Hudson with Nexus, Atlassian Bamboo with Nexus and setting up Docker repositories with Nexus. All 30 videos in the series are available for members of TheNEXUS Community. We are making

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Documenting for and WITH the Nexus Community

Now that I am back from OSCON and the Community Leadership Summit, I am catching up on some of the day to day community work. One important aspect is providing all Nexus users and beyond useful documentation and other related free assets like the numerous videos we recorded like: Nexus and Nexus Lifecycle: Tips from

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Live from OSCON 2015: Nexus and the Community

I am sitting here in the Community Management Workshop run by Jono Bacon on the first day of OSCON 2015 in Portland. I have been following Jono’s actvities since the LUGRadio days, his involvement inUbuntu and the first edition of the excellent book TheArt of Community. Since I attended the Community Leadership Summit a couple

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Behind the Scenes of The Shiny New Nexus 3 Milestone 4 Release

Boy, do we ever have something cool for you check out today. The Nexus development team has just published the new Milestone 4 release of the upcoming Nexus 3 repository manager. We have prepared a video for you to see it in action, before you go and read about the details of the release and

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Nexus OSS Meets NuGet

The NuGet package manager has become the standard for developing software on the Microsoft platform which includes.NET and the NuGet Gallery that has emerged as a large public open source package repository. Sonatype Nexus, on the other hand, is the standard repository or component manager software running on servers from small open source projects and teams