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3 Things from the VW Scandal - Featured Image

3 Things Developers Can Learn from the Scandal at VW

3 Things Developers Can Learn from the Scandal at VW

Over the past few weeks, I have been following the scandal involving Volkswagen. Most of us have learned that VW installed so called “cheating software” in their diesel cars, which in conjunction with the anti-lock brakes and traction control system enables a cheat mode when their diesel cars were tested for emissions. Current estimates place

ChatOps for DevOps

ChatOps and DevOps [Video]: Automating the Communication and Management Stream

At DevOps Enterprise Summit 2015, author Jason Hand sat down with me to discuss the implications of his new book for ChatOps. Mark Imbriaco is building a company around the concept of ChatOps happened to be walking by so we pulled him into the discussion. There are some interesting thoughts on how to use chatrooms like HipChat and

Author, Derek Weeks

The Cost to DevOps: 27 Mufflers

  Imagine Imagine that you are designing the 2016 Range Rover line of sport utility vehicles.  Like all gas powered vehicles, each one needs an exhaust muffler.  Range Rover likely has narrowed in on a preferred provider of mufflers. But imagine what would happen if the designers and factory line workers could pick from any

Taking over the World

Rework is Choking Software (2015 State of the Software Supply Chain Report)

Rework is Hell “Software may be eating the world, but rework is choking software”, tweeted John Jeremiah (@j_jeremiah).  To shed more light on what is choking software, new data was released last week in the 2015 State of the Software Supply Chain Report. In its discussion of application quality and integrity, the report revealed that

Author, Derek Weeks

Better and Fewer Suppliers (2015 Software Supply Chain Report)

  That Supplier is Better For You Since releasing the 2015 State of the Software Supply Chain Report, there has been a lot of great discussion across the industry on best practices for managing the complexity introduced by the volume and velocity of the components used across your software supply chain. Today I want to focus

Software Supply Chain Report

2015 State of the Software Supply Chain Report: Released

  This morning, the 2015 State of the Software Supply Chain Report was released. This is a fascinating study done by Derek Weeks, analyzing component usage of 106,000 organizations. Some of the research is common knowledge, such as 17B downloads of components per year from the Central Repository, or that Nexus is the 800 pound

Author, Derek Weeks

The 2015 State of the Software Supply Chain Report

In April of this year, I embarked on a six-week journey diving deep into an analysis of the world’s software supply chains.  I evaluated the practices of 106,000 organizations, the 100,000+ suppliers they relied on, and the billions of software components that fueled their agile, continuous delivery and DevOps practices. The facts I discovered and