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Author, Manfred Moser

Ruby, RubyGems and Gem Repositories with Nexus [VIDEO]

Ruby, RubyGems and Gem Repositories with Nexus [VIDEO]

As part of our video series on using Nexus, we have created a free training gallery for TheNEXUS community members. This week’s sample from the gallery is “Ruby, RubyGems and Gem Repositories with Nexus “. This is part of a six part series that is currently available, with six more becoming available next week. If you

Author, Manfred Moser

New Training Videos: Working with Sonatype Nexus and CLM

Sonatype Nexus & CLM Tips from the Trenches is an on going series of free training modules created by Manfred Moser for TheNEXUS Community Project. In this set of videos, Manfred will be demoing aspects of Nexus and CLM that cover managing your components, security issues, working with repositories, working with different tools and making

Author, Lubos Krnac

Deploy to Maven Central Repository

Do you need to make your Java library publicly accessible? Is your project hosted on GitHub? Do you like idea of “all-in-one deploy to Maven Central Repository” button? I am going to show how to set it up with usage of maven-release-plugin. Source code is hosted on GitHub, so SSH access to source control will be

Author, Mark Miller

Nexus Pro Deployment Guidelines

So you’re using Nexus OSS, but you’ve heard about all the cool things you get if you moved to Nexus Professional (e.g., rich component information, managed release process, smart proxy, staging, enterprise level support,  control over external artifacts, integration with enterprise security).Want to get a better idea of how to setup Nexus Pro to take advantage of these features?  That’s

Author, Mark Miller

How to Find Known Vulnerabilities in Open Source Components within your Applications

Most application scans take hours, days, possibly even a week to return results, so when we say the Application Health Check software (AHC) can display usable, actionable analysis of open source vulnerabilities, license obligations and more for your applications in a matter of minutes, I know it’s pretty hard to believe. The purpose of this video

Author, Derek Weeks

42,000 Nexus Repository Managers, and Growing!

[Editor’s Note: An update to this article is now available.  As of February 2015, active Nexus instances have reached 50,000.  For more information, please see the new blog post at:] Over the past 15 months, active Nexus instances have grown from 21,000 to 42,000.  Wowza.   That is news worth sharing, because you made it

Mad Men

Mad Men and What You Need to Know About Their Software

Plot Summary: Who would buy food without knowing what’s in the package? When is the last time you went to the grocery store  and just threw stuff into your basket without at least a cursory glance at the ingredient list? The dilemma is, it’s not just the consumer who doesn’t know the ingredients  in the software package,  the creators