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Author, Arun Gupta

Jenkins to Nexus with Git Polling

Jenkins to Nexus with Git Polling

by Arun Gupta (originally on Miles to Go 2.0) Build Binaries Only Once is a very important principle of Continuous Deployment (CD). However that blog guides you to build and deploy binaries to Nexus from your development machine. This is fine as a starting step where everything is locally contained on your laptop and you are just testing setup to figure

Minecraft Modding

Improved Minecraft Forge Modding with Nexus – Part 2

When we looked at improving Minecraft Forge modding with Nexus and making it transportable last time, we got a nicely working setup going. It did however have a small shortcoming – not all repositories used were proxied by Nexus. The repository from the Minecraft Forge Project available at http://files.minecraftforge.net/maven/ was still accessed directly. This kept

Author, Maarten Smeets

Retrieve Artifacts from Nexus Using the REST API or Apache Ivy

By Maarten Smeets Sonatype Nexus is an often used artifact repository. In a previous article I have shown an example of how Maven can be used to assemble and release artifacts to Nexus. In this post I will describe two ways of fetching artifacts from the Nexus repository; by using the REST API and by using Apache

Minecraft Modding

Improved Minecraft Forge Modding with Nexus

Like so many other geek dads out there, I have become engulfed in Minecraft. I play Minecraft with my boys and run a little server at home. I read Minecraft books as good night stories, create paper folding Minecraft figures and we had a themed birthday party. We even made our own Minecraft T-shirts. Don’t

Author, Yegor Bugayenko

How to Release to Maven Central, in One Click

When I release a new version of jcabi-aspects, a Java open source library, to Maven Central, it takes 30 seconds of my time. Maybe even less. Recently, I released version 0.17.2. You can see how it all happened, in Github issue #80 As you see, I gave a command to Rultor, and it released a

Author, Peter Lynch

Learn the Nexus REST API: Automating Sonatype Nexus

Like any modern web application, Nexus exposes REST based endpoints to exchange information over HTTP. If you see information in the Nexus user interface or notice a task performed using one of our Apache Maven plugins or Apache Ant tasks, then repeating the action with an automation tool that you write yourself is possible. In

Author, Lubos Krnac

Deploy to Maven Central Repository

Do you need to make your Java library publicly accessible? Is your project hosted on GitHub? Do you like idea of “all-in-one deploy to Maven Central Repository” button? I am going to show how to set it up with usage of maven-release-plugin. Source code is hosted on GitHub, so SSH access to source control will be

Author, Maarten Smeets

Using Maven to assemble and release artifacts to Nexus

An important part of a release process is storing artifacts in an artifact repository. Many customers use custom implementations of artifact repositories (such as file shares in combination with custom scripts) but there are also products which offer many functions of such a repository (and probably many more) out of the box so that custom

Author, Brian Fox

Rubyists Rejoice – Nexus Supports RubyGem Repositories

We have done it again! Our Nexus development team has been busy this fall.  With Nexus 2.9 in September, we introduced NuGet support for Nexus Open Source.  In October Nexus 2.10 introduced npm support for all Nexus editions.  And now with Nexus 2.11, we are adding Ruby Gem Repository support! We are happy to announce

Author, Derek Weeks

Riot Games Shares its Chef Cookbook for Nexus

Kyle Allan is on the deployment automation team at Riot Games — maker of the most played PC game in the world: League of Legends. This multiplayer 24/7 game runs at servers all over the world, from the U.S. to Europe, and from Australia to Southeast Asia. Riot Games was looking for a service to store artifacts