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Introducing the Nexus Jenkins Plugin

Introducing the Nexus Jenkins Plugin

Automated Publishing As a long time Java developer, I’ve always depended on the Maven build process to automatically publish my artifacts to a Nexus Repository Manager.  This automated process was made possible thanks to some very useful plugins — specifically, the Maven plugin for Nexus staging and the Maven Deploy plugin.  Both made publishing of

Tips from the Trenches - Working with the Integration API - Featured Image

Integration with Nexus Repository 3

Nexus Repository supports new repository formats such as Docker and Bower and introduces a fresh, clean user interface among other advantages. Adopting or upgrading repository manager often means that you need to update the configuration for your build tools and our documentation covers all aspects of that. Beyond that you might want to integrate the

Count Down to Zero Day - Kim Zetter on Stuxnet

2015 in Review: Failures in Public Safety and Privacy w/ Kim Zetter [Video]

View the video on YouTube: 2015 in Review: Failures in Public Safety and Privacy Editor’s Note: This video is from the 16 part series, “DevOps Connect: Rugged DevOps at RSA Conference 2016”. The entire series is available, on-demand to members of TheNexus Community. At RSAC 2016, Kim Zetter from Wired brought us her favorite “hacking” stories

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Continuous Delivery: How to Transform Application Release [VIDEO]

This past November at CA World 2015, we participated in a panel discussion on transforming application development and release with Continuous Delivery and DevOps practices.  The panel included: Tim Mueting: CA’s Release Automation solutions Derek E. Weeks: Sonatype’s Nexus Software Supply Chain Automation Solutions Brian Dawson: CloudBee’s Jenkins continuous delivery solutions Jason English: SkyTap’s on-demand solutions for modern DevOps environments The

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Easy Publishing to Central Repository – 8 Part Video Series

This morning we published the final videos in the 8 part series, Easy Publishing to Central Repository. This series, created by Manfred Moser, takes all the guess work out of publishing your project to Central. Community Members have immediate access to the entire series. If you’re not a member, it takes less than 15 seconds to join.

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First Deployments to Central Repository and Project Object Model [Videos]

We now have 6 videos completed in the 8 part series, “Easy Publishing to the Central Repository“. In the most recent of the set, Manfred Moser walks through First Deployments to Central and the Project Object Model (POM). Community members have access to the complete series: Claim Your Namespace Applying for Access Requirements and Signing

Easy Publishing 03- Requirements and Signing

Easy Publishing to Central Repository – 3 New Videos

Requirement and Signing Tips using PGP. View the entire series in the Easy Publishing to Central Repository Video Gallery, available to all community members. This week, we continue our free video training series on how to push your project to Central Repository. The latest installments include: Claim Your Namespace in the Central Repository Applying for Access Signing and

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Easy Publishing to the Central Repository – New Video Series

In a new series of how-to videos, Easy Publishing to the Central Repository, we’ll look at common scenarios that might slow you down when publishing to Central Repository. When approving projects, we find that up to 20% have to make a simple namespace correction in order to proceed. The first step we check is that the

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Step-by-Step: Block and Quarantine Vulnerable Open Source Components and Artifacts with Nexus Firewall

We have added two more videos in the Tips from the Trenches Series free training series, explaining how to configure and use Nexus Firewall to block and quarantine open source components with known vulnerabilities. Tips from the Trenches is a 32 part, quick hit video series that is available to all members of TheNEXUS Community