As part of our community initiative, we offer two versions of Nexus: Nexus OSS and Nexus Pro.

Nexus OSS is our community contribution that sets the standard for repository management. It provids development teams with the ability to proxy remote repositories and share software artifacts. Download Nexus OSS and gain control over open source consumption and internal collaboration.

Building on the extensive feature set of Nexus OSS, Nexus Pro adds robust staging, collaboration, security capabilities and identification of security and license risk, in addition to enterprise-level support for more demanding repository management requirements. Whether an organization has thousands of developers distributed around the globe, or smaller teams with demanding requirements, Nexus Pro delivers immediate game-changing developer efficiencies. Download a free trial of Nexus Pro to get started.

As always, if you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to consult or contact us at

Download Nexus OSS          Download Nexus Pro Free Trial           Download Nexus Pro




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    • Mark Miller said:

      Dmitri, here’s the response from the web team:

      I tested the OSS Download link for that version from the Free Downloads page three times, and it works as expected. Also checked from Nexus Community OSS Download link and it works as expected. It must have just been an anomaly. The download DOES take quite a while though.

      • Sophie Carsten said:

        I don’t think it’s an anomaly, I also get a 404 error:
        The requested URL /nexus/oss/nexus-2.12.1-01-bundle..tar.gz was not found on this server.

  2. Chen said:

    The Nexus OSS 3.2 version could not create offline index for the maven central repository.

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