The Nexus Professional Deployment Guidelines

So you’re using Nexus OSS, you’ve heard about all the cool things you get if you moved to Nexus Professional (rich component information, managed release process, smart proxy, staging, enterprise level support,  control over external artifacts, integration with Enterprise Security), but not quite sure what it will take to setup. That’s what the Nexus Professional Deployment Guidelines is for. This free download is made possible through TheNEXUS Community Project.

Download the Guidelines and  Join the Community (25 modules of training on The Nexus Staging Suite)


Nexus Pro - Deployment Guidelines Featured


Free On-Demand Training:
The Nexus Staging Suite

In addition to the Deployment Guidelines, community members also have access to a 25 modules training series on The Nexus Staging Suite and over a dozen Nexus 2 Minute Challenge videos. Membership is free. Your name and your email address gets you immediate access to the Nexus Staging training series and the 2 Minute Challenges, plus much more.

We hope you find the deployment guidelines useful and look forward to seeing you as part of TheNEXUS Community.

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