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Repository Manager OSS

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Checksums: MD5 SHA Signature: PGPClick here to download archived Nexus OSS versions.
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Nexus is the most popular repository in the world.
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“Nexus is super easy to set up and update. You’ll waste time trying to find another way to manage your binaries. Development of Nexus is very active, the support is awesome and all the features you’d need are there.”Alexis Morelle

Software Factory Architect, Alcatel-Lucent

“It is impossible to do serious development without a repository manager. And the only one on the market that is serious is Nexus.”Arnaud Heritier

Software Factory Manager, eXo

“At Intuit, we recognize that as builds grow and the teams who create them change over time, swift, accurate repository management becomes critical. Nexus provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution that lets teams and developers track, search, organize and access build components.”Kaizer Sogiawala

Software Configuration Management Engineer, Intuit Inc.