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  1. Ingo Heinrich said:

    Hi Nexus Development,

    Just installed Nexus OSS 3.0.0-m7 using the Linux installer (on Debian jessie) and already liked the big improvement from 2.x!
    Yet I thought it would be nice if it asked which user to execute Nexus with. Then set run_as_user in bin/nexus.rc accordingly. Default could either be the user executing the installer (possibly warning about not using root) or simply “nexus”.


  2. uma shankar said:


    I want to configure LDAP and HTTPS configuration by using groovy. What are the available methods in core and security module?

  3. Manfred Moser said:

    Please check the core API in your IDE for all the methods and contact us on the mailing list and hipchat channel for further help.

  4. manish said:

    Hi All,
    i am new to nexus and trying to install it on linux OS via automatic installation. Need your help to review my .sh file… and help me with the correct code
    sudo wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/nexus.gz
    yum -y install nexus
    yum install createrepo
    yum -y install createrepo
    exit 0

    Manish S.

  5. deepak said:

    Hi All,
    i am new to nexus and trying to upload a tar.gz file through my .sh file using curl –upload… I need to get the md5 sum or sha1 code from nexus 3.2.1-01 oss for this file so that i can compare with my local file whether i uploaded correct file to perform integrity check

    please suggest me if someone can help me in getting md5 or sha1 from nexus as on nexus UI under attribute tab it shows md5 and sha1 but i need to get it using shell command line.

    curl -v -k -u $user:$pass –upload-file abc.tar.gz https://${NexusBaseUrl}/${ProjectName}/com/cad/${ProjectName}/staging/${DeploymentName}/${DeplymentVersion }/abc.tar.gz 2> /tmp/curl.log

    I can upload easily on nexus using this but not able to retrieve the md5 or sha1
    There are multiple option for http:// only using curl -H and parsing for xmllnt and getting sha1.

    If anyone has any idea please let me know how can i retrieve the sha1 or md5 for uploaded tar.gz file from nexus oss using curl or any other method on cmd line.

    Best Deepak