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Struts2 Live Updates

Apache Struts Vulnerability: Live Updates

Apache Struts Vulnerability: Live Updates

Update: Here’s the recording of Brian Fox and Shannon Lietz talking about Apache Struts 2 and the new vulnerability announcement. We’re keeping an eye on the latest news for the Apache struts2 vulnerability that was announced earlier this week. In addition a live broadcast talking to several top security experts in the industry, we’ve got

Andrew Janke

Documenting for and WITH the Nexus Community

Now that I am back from OSCON and the Community Leadership Summit, I am catching up on some of the day to day community work. One important aspect is providing all Nexus users and beyond useful documentation and other related free assets like the numerous videos we recorded like: Nexus and Nexus Lifecycle: Tips from

Author, Manfred Moser

Tips from the Trenches: Publishing Components from Jenkins to Sonatype Nexus [VIDEO]

In the 21st module of our on-demand training series, Tips from the Trenches, Manfred Moser shows how to publish components from Jenkins to Nexus. These videos are part of our community effort, freely accessible to all members. Other modules in the series include Introduction Documentation Proxing Nexus with nginx Node.js and NPM Registries with Nexus

Binary Repository - Comparion Usage

Migrating from Artifactory, Archiva or a Raw Maven Repository to Sonatype Nexus

There are many reasons to migrate to Sonatype Nexus. You might still be using jar files checked into your version control system as part of your build. Or maybe you are sharing a Maven repository from a CI server via a fileshare. Or you run Apache httpd on top of it. If you are lucky

Author, Maarten Smeets

Retrieve Artifacts from Nexus Using the REST API or Apache Ivy

By Maarten Smeets Sonatype Nexus is an often used artifact repository. In a previous article I have shown an example of how Maven can be used to assemble and release artifacts to Nexus. In this post I will describe two ways of fetching artifacts from the Nexus repository; by using the REST API and by using Apache