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Author, Ilkka Turunen

Understanding Open Source Copyleft Licensing Flags

Understanding Open Source Copyleft Licensing Flags

I recently received a question from a client who had run an Application Health Check. They wished to understand why we highlight certain licenses in the health check report: Regarding the ‘License-Copyleft’ – some libraries have e.g. a LGPL license and a CDDL/GPL license: Using the LGPL license shouldn’t be a problem in my opinion

Author, Mark Miller

How to Find Known Vulnerabilities in Open Source Components within your Applications

Most application scans take hours, days, possibly even a week to return results, so when we say the Application Health Check software (AHC) can display usable, actionable analysis of open source vulnerabilities, license obligations and more for your applications in a matter of minutes, I know it’s pretty hard to believe. The purpose of this video

Candy Check - Living Dead

Open Source Components and the Halloween “Candy Check”

A Halloween Short Story: Having access to the (Maven) Central Repository is like living next to the world’s coolest neighbor. He passes out candy like it’s Halloween every single day of the year; it’s unlimited candy, unlimited quantities, take as much as you like, as often as you like! The only problem: your generous neighbor