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Focus on Goals

Focus on Goals, not Best Practices (Part 1)

Focus on Goals, not Best Practices (Part 1)

Mark Kilby and Jeffry Hesse As we discussed in Part 1 of our engineering tour webinar, we have several teams following the Scrum framework, but not all in the same way.  As a framework, Scrum does not give you all the details.  It lets you work out what’s best for you.  Instead, the “rules” of

How We Do It

How We Do It: Defining Work From A Distance

by Jeffry Hesse, Michael Prescott and Chris Wilper User Stories have become fairly common in Agile Software Development, so much so that they are baked into most of the modern toolsets like JIRA, Rally, etc. Teams get together, create User Stories and collaborate in real time. Sonatype’s Nexus team is not unlike other Agile teams, however: